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Blessing for today!


Oh my Allah!

If you didn’t want to create me, I couldn’t have a name and I was absent. 

You gave me a chance to be!

If you didnt let me to have food and water, I was hungry and thirsty…

If you wished that trouble to me, I couldn’t sleep in safety…

Oh my Allah!

You gave me a life! You made me as a human!

You gave me eyes to see your beauties…

You gave me ears to hear the sound of hapiness…

You gave me mind to think and you gave me a secret soul to feel and you gave me heart to love…

It was not difficult for you, you would create me as any creatures in the world but you wished me as a human…

I’ m servant of you my Allah! Help me about my belief that it is stronger and give me peace in  my inner  world.

Give me a place to pray you in my world to protect myself from the carelessness and dark powers in my body…

Give me knowledge mind to distinguish between good things and bad things devil whispers.



Give me good words to tell and share you with my brothers and sisters.

Protect me from the laziness and ignorence and Hell which is a prison from fire…



Turkish traditional songs from Malatya


Traditional wedding celebrations, although increasingly rare, last three days. They begin with the henna evening usually on Friday, called “kina gecesi” , which is an event for women only. The women decorate the hands and fingers of the bride with henna-leaf dye, and dance and sing together. On the second day, both sets of parents serve lunch and dinner to their guests. On the third day, the bride is taken to the groom’s home on a horse after folk dances are performed. 


Her name was ROSE


This is my photo that I have taken from our garden…

I also share my photographs in

I prepared a video about roses and rose photos with a poem. I collected rose photos of various photographers…And they all in this video clip. Poem is Turkish, but I translate some for you…

Her name was Rose,

she loved roses the most…

If she smiled roses were opened on her rose face,

she shared her loneliness with roses,

always she waited roses from her lover,

and rose season from the calendars…

she found attractive the smell of rose and the rose jam …

She dried roses in her griefs of life…

and every morning she put her smile on the breakfast table,

Like a hot bread , very fresh…

And only she told her secrets to the roses…

she watered roses when she cried,

and she caressed roses when she was happy…

She was my mother…

And now, the roses are adorning her grave…

Poem by Ahmet Selcuk Ilkan


You re away…


This is my photograph collection by a song that is Turkish music and beautiful voice…


Lovely city Stoney people


Lovely city, when do you laugh?
Stoney people, what do you have?

Well, you ride around on a bright shiny cloud
and you think that you’ve found true happiness
there’s no method in your mind
and your tempers are kind
is it too much to ask to give it a rest?

Lovely city, when do you laugh?
Stoney people, what do you have?

I’m a part of you, you don’t wanna be
I’m an unexpected visitor who’s dropped in for tea
but I’m not so low you don’t even know that I’m here
You can’t even see

Lovely city, when do you laugh?
Stoney people, what do you have?

Yusuf Islam(Cat Stevens)


maybe clouds have feelings, too.



The evening starts out quiet
As quiet as ever could be
But suddenly a stormy night
Becomes a reality
The clouds dump out tons of rain
And it falls so very fast
Then suddenly it’s clear again
And you see the moon at last
There’s so much mystery about the sky
About its ever changing moods
But most people don’t realize
Maybe clouds have feelings, too.
When they’re sad, they cry,
And it falls on us as rain
When they’re happy, they’re white
And the tears stay away
So next time you look outside
And the sky is no longer blue
Dont get mad, just understand
Maybe clouds have feelings, too.