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1- What is the language of love?

A-The language of love is compassionate looking eyes and a beautiful smile. Everybody understands this language.

bird look

2- Is it beneficial to weep under the cross?

A-It will release emotional tension, but will not awaken the mind, unless one becomes ‘one’ with the state (hal) of Christ.

3- What will happen upon the disclosure of the ‘third eye’?

A-You will be in bliss forever.

4- When will our dissatisfaction end?

A-Whenever we understand our dissatisfaction.

5- How should we handle ‘conditioned’ people?

A- Do not invite conditioned people to your house because they will not understand your state of mind.


6- How can we advance the mind?

A-The mind can only advance by means of conversations (sohbets).

7- What is the firewood of Hell?

A-Definitely complaining.

8- What would happen if we left our duties in God’s hands?

A-Everything would remain as they were and nothing would be accomplished.

9- What is God’s desire?

A-God’s desire depends on our desire.

10- Can an ordinary human mind advance?

A-Some minds can not advance.


11- Which eye perceives God?

A-The inner eye, which is also known as the ‘third eye’, perceives God.

12- When will the spiritual pleasure begin?

A-The spiritual pleasure will begin when we learn how to be still/silent/quiet.

13- Is it beneficial to exchange the city life for a farm life?

A-We just have to remove our minds from the city and that will do. A fish grows in accordance to the size of the lake. (Be in the world but do not become of it.)

14- What does abandoning the mind mean?

A-We shall not abandon the mind, but we shall and must abandon negative aspects of the mind.

15- Should we stop thinking about tomorrow?

A-We should learn to perceive the beauty of our present life and our present hour. Otherwise, even ‘tomorrows’ will slip by unperceived.

sultan eye

16- What is this world?

A-This world is the light and reflection of a pure human heart.

17- Does God possess everything?

A-God possesses everything, but the one who is possessed by God possesses Him.

18- How can we measure a person’s character?

A-We measure a person by his behavior and attitude.

19- Is it healthy to consume meat?

A-By consuming meat, we will inherit the nature of the animal as well.

20- Can anybody be inoculated with the Divine love?

A-Yes, it can be done.

evening magical scene

21- Why can the one who has not tasted not know?

A-He can not know because the Divine has no comparison or definition. Therefore, the Divine must be experienced and tasted, if we desire to know Him. God is not an experiment but an experience.

22- How can we attain ‘nothingness’?

A-We can attain ‘nothingness’ while conversing with the Perfected man (Insan-i Kamil), who has seen the truth.

23- What does it mean to die before dying?

A-It simply means realizing our helplessness before God and surrendering our strength, mind and will to this Divine power.

24- What is the only way of finding God?

A-The only way of finding God is to be aware of our helplessness before Him.

25- Where can we search for God?

A-In a human being.

it will be continued…..


My captures….

I like to take photographs in my spare time…These are from my archive…
oh daisy!
the dance of colors
red light
the splendid light
only one light from you
gökyüzüne uzanan dallar
uskudar (flags in sunset time)
grief in Beylerbeyi


Turkish Coffee in Istanbul


why do I taking photographs?

Photography is a visionel and educational hobby for me…I relax and feel more happy than before when I take photos…If you begin to capture landscape, portraits, flowers, birds, butterfly and etc. you can open your eyes and see “the beauty of created things” then you believe more and more than to the God and His miracles….When you take photos, you become a passanger who travel inner Universe, you see, you think, you thank to be…

pink dream

I sometimes turn my photos to the digital paintings…This is lovely work for me, poem and paintings..
blue melancholy


Arabian horses


History of the Arab/Arabian Horse

The Arab or Arabian horse originates from the desert lands of Asia and the most famous are the horses of the Bedouin Arabs, known as the Original or Elite Arab. Through selective breeding the Bedouins developed an Arab horse which was tough and yet beautiful. It was these Arab horses that were used as a calvary horse by the Moslems and taken to North Africa and into Spain and France. Many Arab horses were left behind when the Moslems left and were left to breed with local horses creating such breeds as the Andalusian horse. The UK imported Arab horses in the late nineteeth and early twentieth century from Arabia.

Height of the Arab/ArabianHorse

The Arab horse stands 14.1 to 15 hh.

Colour of the Arab/ArabianHorse

Arab horses are most usually bay or chestnut but grey is also seen.

Characteristics of the Arab/ArabianHorse

The Arab horse has a small head with concave profile, large eyes and small muzzle, arched neck, sloping shoulder, strong level back, strong hindquarters, strong legs. Tail carried high, fast and free action, plenty of stamina.

Temperament of the Arab/ArabianHorse

Arab horses are brave, spirited and intelligent.

Uses of the Arab/Arabian Horse

The Arab horse is used as a general riding horse, for horse racing, and is particularly suited to endurance.


Blessing for today!


Oh my Allah!

If you didn’t want to create me, I couldn’t have a name and I was absent. 

You gave me a chance to be!

If you didnt let me to have food and water, I was hungry and thirsty…

If you wished that trouble to me, I couldn’t sleep in safety…

Oh my Allah!

You gave me a life! You made me as a human!

You gave me eyes to see your beauties…

You gave me ears to hear the sound of hapiness…

You gave me mind to think and you gave me a secret soul to feel and you gave me heart to love…

It was not difficult for you, you would create me as any creatures in the world but you wished me as a human…

I’ m servant of you my Allah! Help me about my belief that it is stronger and give me peace in  my inner  world.

Give me a place to pray you in my world to protect myself from the carelessness and dark powers in my body…

Give me knowledge mind to distinguish between good things and bad things devil whispers.



Give me good words to tell and share you with my brothers and sisters.

Protect me from the laziness and ignorence and Hell which is a prison from fire…



Her name was ROSE


This is my photo that I have taken from our garden…

I also share my photographs in

I prepared a video about roses and rose photos with a poem. I collected rose photos of various photographers…And they all in this video clip. Poem is Turkish, but I translate some for you…

Her name was Rose,

she loved roses the most…

If she smiled roses were opened on her rose face,

she shared her loneliness with roses,

always she waited roses from her lover,

and rose season from the calendars…

she found attractive the smell of rose and the rose jam …

She dried roses in her griefs of life…

and every morning she put her smile on the breakfast table,

Like a hot bread , very fresh…

And only she told her secrets to the roses…

she watered roses when she cried,

and she caressed roses when she was happy…

She was my mother…

And now, the roses are adorning her grave…

Poem by Ahmet Selcuk Ilkan

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