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1- What is the language of love?

A-The language of love is compassionate looking eyes and a beautiful smile. Everybody understands this language.

bird look

2- Is it beneficial to weep under the cross?

A-It will release emotional tension, but will not awaken the mind, unless one becomes ‘one’ with the state (hal) of Christ.

3- What will happen upon the disclosure of the ‘third eye’?

A-You will be in bliss forever.

4- When will our dissatisfaction end?

A-Whenever we understand our dissatisfaction.

5- How should we handle ‘conditioned’ people?

A- Do not invite conditioned people to your house because they will not understand your state of mind.


6- How can we advance the mind?

A-The mind can only advance by means of conversations (sohbets).

7- What is the firewood of Hell?

A-Definitely complaining.

8- What would happen if we left our duties in God’s hands?

A-Everything would remain as they were and nothing would be accomplished.

9- What is God’s desire?

A-God’s desire depends on our desire.

10- Can an ordinary human mind advance?

A-Some minds can not advance.


11- Which eye perceives God?

A-The inner eye, which is also known as the ‘third eye’, perceives God.

12- When will the spiritual pleasure begin?

A-The spiritual pleasure will begin when we learn how to be still/silent/quiet.

13- Is it beneficial to exchange the city life for a farm life?

A-We just have to remove our minds from the city and that will do. A fish grows in accordance to the size of the lake. (Be in the world but do not become of it.)

14- What does abandoning the mind mean?

A-We shall not abandon the mind, but we shall and must abandon negative aspects of the mind.

15- Should we stop thinking about tomorrow?

A-We should learn to perceive the beauty of our present life and our present hour. Otherwise, even ‘tomorrows’ will slip by unperceived.

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16- What is this world?

A-This world is the light and reflection of a pure human heart.

17- Does God possess everything?

A-God possesses everything, but the one who is possessed by God possesses Him.

18- How can we measure a person’s character?

A-We measure a person by his behavior and attitude.

19- Is it healthy to consume meat?

A-By consuming meat, we will inherit the nature of the animal as well.

20- Can anybody be inoculated with the Divine love?

A-Yes, it can be done.

evening magical scene

21- Why can the one who has not tasted not know?

A-He can not know because the Divine has no comparison or definition. Therefore, the Divine must be experienced and tasted, if we desire to know Him. God is not an experiment but an experience.

22- How can we attain ‘nothingness’?

A-We can attain ‘nothingness’ while conversing with the Perfected man (Insan-i Kamil), who has seen the truth.

23- What does it mean to die before dying?

A-It simply means realizing our helplessness before God and surrendering our strength, mind and will to this Divine power.

24- What is the only way of finding God?

A-The only way of finding God is to be aware of our helplessness before Him.

25- Where can we search for God?

A-In a human being.

it will be continued…..


Blessing for today!


Oh my Allah!

If you didn’t want to create me, I couldn’t have a name and I was absent. 

You gave me a chance to be!

If you didnt let me to have food and water, I was hungry and thirsty…

If you wished that trouble to me, I couldn’t sleep in safety…

Oh my Allah!

You gave me a life! You made me as a human!

You gave me eyes to see your beauties…

You gave me ears to hear the sound of hapiness…

You gave me mind to think and you gave me a secret soul to feel and you gave me heart to love…

It was not difficult for you, you would create me as any creatures in the world but you wished me as a human…

I’ m servant of you my Allah! Help me about my belief that it is stronger and give me peace in  my inner  world.

Give me a place to pray you in my world to protect myself from the carelessness and dark powers in my body…

Give me knowledge mind to distinguish between good things and bad things devil whispers.



Give me good words to tell and share you with my brothers and sisters.

Protect me from the laziness and ignorence and Hell which is a prison from fire…



The Storm of Marriage

The Storm of marriage…


Sometimes everything gets bad and inspite of your children you want to finish your marrige…

But, if you work on your problems and negative things -kinds of would be solved, I dont mean physical violence- it can be  good to live with your partner than living by yourself.

Anthony Robbins is a personal devolopper, motivating speaker…He helps to solve problems  about marriage.


Waves are opportunities



FOR THOSE, the NEVER DOES NOT TRY CREDIT to stand ON ONE SURFBRETT is it a mystery, as a Surfer dedicates itself to his sport untiringly. We could ask ourselves, which value is hidden beyond the personal pleasure in it. What drives so many Surfer to shake in the exchange for the promise of an ultimative Kicks the conventional conceptions of Erwachsensein simply? And why this produces an ambitious goal so often the kind of sonnengebräunter superficialness, which became the type of ark of the Surfers as it were and which are parodiert in dozens by Hollywoodfilmen? mavericksnodj.jpgNo miracle, which falls it heavily to believe that the Surfen has to do much over the famous-notorious subculture Hawaiis outside with Spiritualität. But you ask once the Surfer themselves, or any different one of the many extreme sportsmen, then them probably somewhat completely different one to hear to get. If humans ride on nine meters high waves or in the desert Marathons run, without rope at over-hanging rock or from helicopters jump, in order to drive with the Snowboard from remote mountain summits down, actually often state they climb after the fact that they would not have experienced anything smaller than the timeless transcendental dimension of the life. And an interesting question raises: Perhaps do kinds of extreme haven satisfy the craze June gravel after Adrenalin-wie many of us think or it a kind modern pot for the holy became bare?One of the hypotheses comes from the French “Körperanthropologen “David Le Breton, which believes that “ethical borders, which do not exist in the present company any longer are replaced in the meantime by physical borders. “Over this topic Le Breton writes: “In a society, in which the numerous points of reference are contradictory and which are values in a crisis, humans try their character strength, their courage and their personal possibilities in a radical, direct match to test. “The result of it is that it is nowadays the range of extreme physical activity, in which it frequently to experiences of the holy one comes.


If this theory applies, thereby something is supported which Big Wave Surfer already say since over fifty years: that they discover the mirror-image-ritual dimension of the life, if they exceed their borders, by defeat-waving the giants of the seas from indescribable extent and an inconceivable surf, which is far distant from at normally inhabited coasts. “Details taken, “explain the thirty-five years old Big Wave Surfer Dave Kalama, “belong the instants, in which one goes beyond the border its that possible one considers, as the most impressive life, because one is provoked thereby to the experience, which one is in the deepest sense… it makes something with one, if one surft on a nine meters high wave. It requires so much concentration and attention that except it nothing is important. It has a strong cleaning effect, because exists regarding one nothing else. “The history of the Big Wave Surfens is full narrations of humans, those for such experiences lives and it in this “ungesurften spheres “search one place, where death has real power and where surviving redefines the human possibilities.

One thinks only of history from Greg Noll. 1957 were Noll twenty years old and carried out innovative for the life of a Surfers at the beaches of Hawaii. In the March of that yearly it stood at a notorious and dangerous coast region, the Waimea Bay at the north coast Oahus, and observed the approaching waves. None had ever risked it to surfen on these wild Gischt. Noll told Stacey Peralta for Riding Giants, a documentary film to the film producer about the Surfen, the following: “Humans really believed that a landing on water herd would rinse to there then develop and all haoles* into the depth. “Noll accompanied of a small group of comrades, who, like he, were Surfer and responsible for the emergence of something, which should develop soon to a new American subculture. It went into the bay and created it, on a wave too ride with was it first, to which had ever done.


But its largest act should achieve Noll many years later in the winter 1969. It even describes as the most important day of its life and this ride on the wave as one, which secured its place for it as Urvater of the Big Wave Surfens. 1969 were the year, in that one of the largest waves 20. Century to the Hawaiian coast cracked. It was the result of three heavy storms, which met one on the other over the Pacific. When hundreds of humans from fear of the powerful waves, which struck to the coast, left their houses, Noll, armed with a Surfbrett, went at the Makaha Beach at the north coast into the water. Two hours he spent only to sit in the water and this errs play to itself to take up: four and five floors high Wasserwände, which develop themselves one after the other one before it and then before him collapsed. Finally it paddelte into an enormous, ten meters high Ungetüm inside, surfte on the inside of the wave to completely downward, before it had to jump from its board, because the Wassermassen seemed to explode around it. It had created it, on the largest wave, on which one humans each had ridden, to this record should two decades long nobody break. Afterwards Noll withdrew itself completely from the Surfen. “This day at the Makaha Beach was, as if one looks, said over an uncanny edge into a large, black abyss “he. “After it gab’s really not more much that I could do. “

Later the Surfer Ken Bradshaw a similar experience with him, born in Texas, should divide nearly thirty years. Ken Bradshaw had been first, on a twelve meters high wave surfte already. In 28 January 1998 it exceeded all previous Big Wave records in an outside reef before Oahu, which is called Outside log Cabins. On the high point of a El of Nino storm, on one day, which is called in America today “Biggest Wednesday “(largest Wednesday), it left from a water motorcycle into a wave hineinziehen*, of which all, which saw it, said, it from the wave valley to the wave comb 24 meters measured. It flew on the internal side of the wave with the almost deadly speed of 72 km per hour down there. “The Gods meant, said it well with it “speechless a friend, who had observed the play from the country. Briefly after this ride, which should become the legend, Bradshaw fell however into a deep existenzielle depression. At the age of 45 years it had finally carried out the dream, which had given a goal to its life. What now should he still do? Only later, than he discovered new borders (in form of a still stronger surf), began it again to surfen.

Three years after this largest Wednesday should Laird Hamilton, who inventors of the Tow in Surfing and the largest today still living Big Wave Surfer, straight at such a new border to perhaps appear. 2001 traveled Hamilton after Tahiti, in order to surfen on a singular wave, which has the form of an eddy tower. This wave carries the name Teahupoo (expressed “Titschopuh “), which means broken heads “on German “. And the nature elements around Teahupoo seem to refer actually nearly everywhere to death. Directly under the surface of the sea razor-sharp, shallow reefs from the beach, which drop then in dramatic way up to a depth of 90 meters, extend. If an approaching heave meets this reef wall of about 500 meters far away from the country, it produces a so powerful, tubular wave that one already called it a “monströse mood of hydrodynamics “. The former professional Surfer matt Warshaw notices in addition: “One can surfen in Teahupoo on waves, which are somewhat smaller than a meter, and with scarcely two meters they have still a reasonable form and a reasonable behavior. Starting from approximately 2.50 meters however Teahupoo becomes exponentially more strongly, more thickly, more approximately and more maliciously: With each ride one must in-arrive vertically into the wave; each wave transforms into a cave with thick walls, whose force, if it breaks down, is large enough, in order to send shock waves by the standing water of a close channel. “Only four months, before Hamilton at the Teahupoo wave arrived, the native Profisurfer Briece Taerea had been hurled into an underwater reef, while it surfte on a 4.50 meters high wave. It fallow the necks and the backs in three places, fell itself in coma and died after two days.

Within seconds the wave, into which Hamilton let itself be pulled in, accepted kolossale extents. A photographer, the witness of the scene was, could monströs thickens 5.50 meters high Wasserwand only as “liquid napalm “to describe. Hamilton had to lift the right hand during his ride against the internal surface of the wave to only avoid in order that it was sucked upward through the hydraulic forces. Then it in the hollow, rotary wave and the water tube disappeared began themselves to close and discharged like an explosion spraying Gischt. Later it dipped seconds suddenly again reviving. Photos of this day show Hamilton, how it sits thereafter in a boat and cries about the enormousness of this experience. Later he would say: “I felt honoured, because I had been recompenced with somewhat so great one. “

Drew coming pion wrote in its book Waves: Form and Beauty on the Ocean (waves: Form and beauty on the ocean), is no miracle that the most fascinating challenge of the Surfens was always the Big Wave Surfen.


“And in the society of other Surfer a kind God-similar respect was against brought to the men, who were able to ride on these large waves. “Although the elegance of the masters lets work the Surfen nearly easy, is it nevertheless amazingly with difficulty. Simply only up to the place beyond the Surfzone to paddles, where the Surfer wait for the approaching waves, is a fatiguing work, which teaches one fast modesty. So that one can really swing on a wave, the board must to move with the same speed as the coming in heave and it have Spontaneität, speed, equilibrium and staying power be at the same time present. And applies already to a wave, which is only 1.20 meters high. Try to introduce itself for one instant like it are to be a 4.50 meters high wave in the way. It essentially concerns an energy, which is into something, which is meters higher perhaps 3 than one and with a speed of 32 kilometers per hour by the water moves. Waves starting from this height are considered generally as gross-und on such a wave to surfen require such an extent at ability and experience that one can hardly understand it.

Actually large waves occur rather rarely. 80 per cent of all sea waves are smaller than 3.50 meters and 45 per cent are smaller than 1.20 meters. The largest waves, which, which are high over 10 meters, need everywhere 1 to 1.5 kilometers open ocean, in order to develop for their full size. Until such an anomaly meets a reef abort or a coastal slope, them became by wind energy a fed, powerful rolling measures, which with a speed of 30 to 40 knots (55 – 75 km) per hour by the water moved and forces of approximately 3 tons produces themselves (that is a pressure of scarcely 3 kg per square centimeter), before she finally estimates herself and breaks down. The author Daniel Duane tried to illuminate, why the experience of a wave ride is so singular, and writes in Caught Inside: A Surfer’s Year on the California Coast (on the inside imprisoned: The year of a Surfers at the California coast): “A Kletterer penetrates never completely into the mountain, the Wanderer remains imprisoned in a visual trap, but the Surfer penetrates physically into the heart of the sea energy ein-und thereby acts it in no way around Sentimentalität, he is located oneself wet in the element, of which the sea consists substantially, driven in this kinetic eddy. Even if one moves on a river, one does on a medium, which is moved even by the force of gravity, just like with a sailing boat or on Skiern. Until someone finds out, how one can ride on sound or light, the Surfen will remain the only possibility of riding on an energy wave. “


For those, which in the center of this kinetic eddy of a large wave go, the risk is unbelievable. If Surfer are gotten by a falling edge of wave, they can be pressed so deeply and so fast under water that with the pressure pressure the drum skins and the alveoli tear. Torn off member masses or fractures, which are caused by contact with the bottom of the sea or by racing Kraft of the water, are so generally common that Laird Hamilton stopped after thousand passes counting these. Breaks of the central foot bones disfigure its both feet, but it stated, they are now perhaps “stronger than before “. A further pioneer of the Big Wave Surfens, Derrik Doerner, which pulled also Hamilton with the jet ski into the notorious wave with Teahupoo, was met under water once by a Surfbrett. Briefly before it lost consciousness, it felt its cheek. “I could put the hand in about 5 centimeters deeply “, say he. “The next, which I know, was that I woke up in a helicopter. My Kiefer and a cheek bone were broken. It needed altogether 123 passes. “

The experience, which the Big Wave Surfer Titus Kinimaka 1989 originating from Hawaii made one day before a famous Surf competition in the Waimea Bay, is still more terrible. During sunrise it paddelte outside into the heave high over 5 meters and spent several hours to surfen. When it rode however on its last wave, the edge of wave over it broke down and its right leg was met by the Surfbrett as by a hatchet. “I submerged and again was whirled “, say he, “and as I finally highly came, met me somewhat at the cheek, beside the right ear. I was taken somehow and asked myself ‚which away am that only? “and I reached for it and looked at it and noticed there I that it concerned my sole. “Kinimakas thigh had completely broken through, but its first question, when it heard the bad message, was whether it could participate on the following day nevertheless in the competition. “What” I only imagined there? “, he sinniert during an interview one year later. “I was possessed. “And actually, after steel seaweeds by its right hip one had introduced and it had concerned itself four months long lying in bed with its recovery, first, which did Kinimaka thereafter, on 3 meter was to be surfen high waves in the Hanalei Bay.

How are the Big Wave Surfer only motivated to die a so large risk? Regarding its ride with Makaha in the year 1969 Greg Noll writes: “Say some my friends, it was a death desire wave. At that time I did not believe that, but in the review I recognize that perhaps it was at the border in addition. “Actual seems to be it exactly this border between lives and death, which find the Surfer so fascinating. Be in the words of the mountain climber Lionel Terray perhaps so, because “we can keep the life whole only then in our arms, after we went for a long time on the narrow path at the border of death. “Dave Kalama says that the Surfen on large waves “can belong both to the most fear-exciting and to the best experiences of the life, everything within seconds. And fortunately or also unfortunately-heard this feeling to the things in the life, those at most addicted make so as air or water. In order to remain with understanding, one must ride on waves and have some of it to be large… the more near one the complete destruction comes, all the more real becomes everything. “

Derrik Doerner reports on its experience in the water: “For me it is Meditation. If I come back ashore, I knock against myself the toes and stolpere. There outside however it is simply… perfect. All elements do not accumulate and it give a fear. “Explains and Cunningham, which surft lying on the board, to the famous Mark: “It does not only concern the Surfen on the waves to dip it is a matter to swim by it through among them through the eyes under water to open and observe, how this thing hits directly before one. And one cuts exactly there like a measurer through, between the reason and the place, where these game water fingers try to reach for one. Simply this whole dance there outside. One is like a piece of the sea. I mean, of which the human body consists? From water. The physical condition of the body fluids and that of the sea are very similar. And now both were. “Ken Bradshaw remembered its own mythische 24-Meter-Welle and told it an interviewer: “I believe, it am a craze. I do not have a conception of it, but it must be like that, as if one is on drugs. Because if you do not make it, it torments you and eats you up. If it thinks then happened… I, it is, as if one actually looks on the life. One instant long possesses you everything, it belongs to you. You reached the epitome its, to which you are capable. How can many humans in the world say? “

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Surfing on waves…

Before surfing we must know how to make a surfing board. Then staying on balance…After that we can open to the sea and wait waves to make surfing…

Life brings us waves, if we know how to surf and if we love surfing, we can use the waves to be on the sea and make a good show about chance and succesful…





And there is a tunels in every waves, sometimes big, sometimes narrow…We have to learn to pass them not to sink…It is connected with daring, trying , being ready and making unforgettable show to win.

Not only lucky, being ready to catch the waves and a big wave!     Yeşim Kale





He was the modest!


By the grace of Allah, you are gentle towards the people; if you had been stern and ill-tempered, they would have dispersed from round about you” [Qur’an 3:159]

About himself the Prophet (pbuh) said:
Allah has sent me as an apostle so that I may demonstrate perfection of character, refinement of manners and loftiness of deportment.” [Muwatta; Musnad; Mishkat]

By nature he was gentle and kind-hearted, always inclined to be gracious and to overlook the faults of others. Politeness and courtesy, compassion and tenderness, simplicity and humility, sympathy and sincerity were some of the keynotes of his character. In the cause of right and justice he could be resolute and severe but more often than not, his severity was tempered with generosity. He had charming manners which won him the affection of his followers and secured their devotion. Though virtual king of Arabia and an apostle of Allah, he never assumed an air of superiority. Not that he had to conceal any such vein by practice and artifice — with fear of Allah, sincere humility was ingrained in his heart. He used to say,

I am a Prophet of Allah but I do not know what will be my end. [Sahih Bukhari]

In one of his sermons calculated to instil the fear of Allah and the day of reckoning in the hearts of men, he said,

“O people of Quraish be prepared for the hereafter, I cannot save you from the punishment of Allah; O Bani Abd Manaf, I cannot save you from Allah; O Abbas, son of Abdul Mutalib, I cannot protect you either; O Fatima, daughter of Muhammad, even you I cannot save.” [Sahahin]

He used to pray, O Allah! I am but a man. If I hurt any one in any manner, then forgive me and do not punish me.” [Ahmed, Musnad]

He always received people with courtesy and showed respect to older people and stated: To honor an old man is to show respect to Allah.”

He would not deny courtesy even to wicked persons. It is stated that a person came to his house and asked permission for admission. The Prophet (pbuh) remarked that he was not a good person but might be admitted. When he came in and while he remained in the house, he was shown full courtesy. When he left A’isha (ra) said, “You did not think well of this man, but you treated him so well.” The Prophet (pbuh) replied, He is a bad person in the sight of Allah who does not behave courteously and people shun his company because of his bad manners.” [Sahih Bukhari]

He was always the first to greet another and would not withdraw his hand from a handshake till the other man withdrew his. If one wanted to say something in his ears, he would not turn away till one had finished. [Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi] He did not like people to get up for him and used to say, Let him who likes people to stand up in his honour, he should seek a place in hell.” [Abu Dawud]

He would himself, however, stand up when any dignitary came to him. He had stood up to receive the wet nurse who had reared him in infancy and had spread his own sheet for her. His foster brother was given similar treatment. He avoided sitting at a prominent place in a gathering, so much so that people coming in had difficulty in spotting him and had to ask which was the Prophet (pbuh). Quite frequently uncouth, Bedouins accosted him in their own gruff and impolite manner but he never took offence. [Abu Dawud]

He used to visit the poorest of ailing persons and exhorted all Muslims to do likewise. [Sahih Bukhari] He would sit with the humblest of persons saying that righteousness alone was the criterion of one’s superiority over another. He invariably invited people be they slaves, servants or the poorest believers, to partake with him of his scanty meals. [Tirmidhi]

Whenever he visited a person he would first greet him and then take his permission to enter the house. He advised the people to follow this etiquette and not to get annoyed if anyone declined to give permission, for it was quite likely the person concerned was busy otherwise and did not mean any disrespect. [Ibid.]

There was no type of household work too low or too undignified for him. A’isha (ra) has stated,

“He always joined in household work and would at times mend his clothes, repair his shoes and sweep the floor. He would milk, tether, and feed his animals and do the household shopping.” [Qazi Iyaz: Shifa; Sahih Bukhari]

He would not hesitate to do the menial work of others, particularly of orphans and widows. [Nasi, Darmi] Once when there was no male member in the house of the companion Kabab Bin Arat who had gone to the battlefield, he used to go to his house daily and milk his cattle for the inhabitants [Ibn Saad ]

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Stop the VIOLENCE!


An Overview Of Our Programs

STOP Violence is part of Synergy Services, Inc., a Kansas City based non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the individual, family, and community through crisis intervention, shelter, counseling, advocacy and education. Prior to an October 2005 merger, STOP Violence was an independently functioning non-profit organization. STOP was founded in 1982 by violence prevention advocate and author SuEllen Fried. The merger with Synergy Services provided the STOP Violence programs more resources and a greater opportunity to thrive in the company of other programs and individuals with a similar mission and goal: the elimination of violence in our community.

Inmate Program
The STOP Violence Program for Inmates originated in 1982 when inmates at the Lansing Correctional Facility in Lansing, Kansas, judged a community-wide contest focusing on the prevention of family violence. This partnership led to the STOP Violence Program for Inmates, a highly successful inmate self-help program currently operating 10 groups in seven Kansas correctional facilities.

Incarcerated men and women run the meetings using a curriculum written by inmates that teaches life skills and helps them make positive changes in their lives. By breaking the cycle of violence they become contributing members of their families and society. Program participants routinely speak to students and other groups in their communities about choices and consequences.

Bullying Prevention
Bullying prevention programs originated at STOP Violence in 1990 when Jacque DeJesus and Barbara Unell created the “Kindness is Contagious…Catch It” program.

Our bullying prevention programs are implemented in schools, camps, day cares and other venues where youth congregate. These programs teach empathy and respect, and introduce youth to strategies that prevent bullying.

Our comprehensive program, Get Connected , works with youth, educators, and parents to build positive social skills, create an empathetic and respectful environment, and reduce bullying and peer abuse among youth.

Our STEP Up female bullying program focuses on bullying and peer abuse among middle school aged females. This interactive program addresses such issues as cliques, gossip, cyber bullying, conflict resolution and positive role modeling.

Courage To Be Kind, or C2BK, is a bullying prevention program facilitated in Jackson County schools in conjunction with DARE programs. This program is funded entirely by Jackson County COMBAT and reaches over 5,000 students annually.

Kindest Kansas Citian
The Kindest Kansas Citian Essay Contest and Banquet is a celebration of the wonderful impact kindness has on all of us. The essay contest allows students throughout the Kansas City area to write an essay about the kindness of an adult who has positively affected them. The contest culminates in the Kindest Kansas Citian Banquet, where we recognize and celebrate kindness in our community. The artwork associated with the Kindness program, as well as the line “Kindness is contagious…Catch It™” were developed by internationally renowned artist Rita Blitt.

Kindness buttons, a staple of STOP Violence are passed on to others when an act of kindness is witnessed. Elaine and Norman Polsky have provided thousands of these buttons to STOP Violence and many other kind individuals through the years.


Prophet Joseph


PROPHET Joseph(YUSUF) (peace be upon him)       

The Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) had twelve sons and one of them was called Yusuf (Joseph) whose life is full of many interesting: happenings.  He was a handsome and smart boy with polite habits and polished manners.  He bore a sound character.   He had an attractive personality.  The Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) had a deep affection for his son, Yusuf who occupied a rank of remarkable distinction among his brothers.  His brothers began to Feel jealous of him.  They became united against Yusuf and hatched a plan to do away.  with him.

Vision of Prophet Yusuf and its Interpretation:
When the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) became a teenager, he had a special vision.   He rushed towards his father to inform him about it.  He dreamt that there were eleven stars with the moon and the sun kneeling in front of him.  The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was much excited to see this fantastic dream.  His heart was beating fast while he was breaking the news to his father.  The Holy Qur’an describes:

“Yusuf said to his father: 0′ my father! I have indeed seen in a dream eleven stars and the sun and moon making obeisance to me.” (12: 4)

On hearing about this vision the Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) whisperingly advised his son not to divulge it to his brothers lest their jealousy should be excited.   He had sound reasons to Fear that they would plot against him.  The Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) interpreted that Yusuf was destined to become a great personality.  God would give him wisdom, grace and honour.  He would enable him to read into the future.  To crown all he would become a Prophet.  His eleven brothers (the stars) and his father and mother (the sun and moon) would stand in need of him and bow to his dignified position.  The Holy Qur’an relates:

“He (Ya’qub) said: O’ my dear son! Tell not your brethren of your vision lest they should plot against you because surely Satan is the manifest enemy of man.   So your Lord shall prefer you and will teach you the interpretations of dreams and will perfect His favours upon you and upon the family of Ya’qub as He perfected it upon your forefather Ibrahim and Ishaq.  The Lord is Knowing, Wise.” (7:5, 6)

Plot against the Prophet Yusuf:
The brothers of Prophet Yusuf did not like that he should become the only centre of their paternal love.  The sentiments of jealousy burnt them inside.  They decided to get rid of him.  One of them suggested that he should be put to death but the others did not agree with him -because it was a terrible thing.  Then another brother proposed to throw him into a pit.  All of them I unanimously voted in favour of this scheme.  The Holy Qur’an says:

“One said: Slay Yusuf or drive him some other land so that your father’s favours may be exclusively for you and after that you shall live as upright persons.   One among them said: Kill not Yusuf but cast him down into the bottom of a pit if you must do it so that some wayfarers may pick him up.” (12: 7-10))

The Plan is put into Practice:
In order to put their plan into practice the mischievous brothers of the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) approached their father.  They persuaded the Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) to allow his affectionate son, Yusuf to accompany them for tending the sheep.  They insisted so much that their father became quite suspicious.  He feared lest the jealous brothers should do some harm to Yusuf.  The Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) was hesitant in parting with his son but his other sons went on insisting and trying to satisfy him.  They assured their father that they would look after their younger brother even at the risk of their own lives.  As the Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) did not wish to compel Yusuf to avoid his brothers he granted his permission hesitatingly.  So the brothers got an opportunity of carrying out their evil design of casting him into the pit.  The Holy Qur’an says:

“They said: O’ our father! Why do you not entrust us with Yusuf though we, indeed, mean him well.  Send him with us tomorrow that he may enjoy himself and sport and surely we shall take good care of him.  He said: It grieves me that the wolf should devour him while you are heedless of him.  They said: Surely if the wolf should devour him notwithstanding we are so strong a band, then we shall be in that case justly blamed for losing him.” (12: 11-15)

They proceeded towards the hills.  All of them were nervous except the unsuspecting Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him).  When they were enjoying a trip, they pushed the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) sharply towards the waterless well He fell down with a thud and became sore all over.  There was no food to eat and no water to drink.  It was dark and scary.  ‘He screamed at the top of his voice but he could hear nothing except the echoes of his voice.  He realised that a clever trick had been played upon him.

Father is Informed:
The brothers of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) were feeling guilty inside because they had committed a shameful act.  They walked back slowly with dejected faces.   They approached their father crying and sobbing.  They were shedding crocodile tears while they were informing their father that the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him)had been devoured by the wolf.  They produced the blood smeared shirt of the Prophet Yusuf(peace be upon him) as an evidence.  The Holy Qur’an says:

“And they came back weeping to their father at night fall and said: O’ our father! of a truth, we went racing with one another and left Yusuf to loot after clothes and the wolf devoured him; but we art afraid you will not believe us though we speak the truth.  And they brought his shirt with false blood upon it.” (12: 16-18)

The Prophet Yusuf is Delivered out of Well and Sold:
The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was quite vigorous.  He tried many times to climb out of the deep well but he could not.  Finally he sat down in utter despair beseeching Allah’s help.  After some time a caravan happened to pass by the well.   Some men needed water to quench their thirst.  One of them lowered his bucket into the well but he could not hear the splash of water.  The well was dry and there was nothing except the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) who was waiting anxiously for some one to come and rescue him.  When the bucket came down, it touched the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him).  He clung  to it with his dear life.  The man pulled hard at the bucket and the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) came out of the well.   He felt a great pleasure and expressed a deep sense of gratitude to Allah Who had bestowed favour upon him.  He dusted himself off and told the man all about what had happened to him.  The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was taken to Egypt where he was sold as a slave.  The Holy Qur’an states:

“And there came a wayfarer and they sent down a water drawer.  He let down his pail into the pit.  He said: What a good luck, here is a youth.  And they kept his case secret to make merchandise of him and Allah knew what they did, and they sold him for a petty price, a few dirhams and they attached little value to him.” (12:1,0, 21)

The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was purchased by a famous rich man.  He rendered services to him and his family.

The Prophet Yusuf Overpowers Temptation:
The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was a handsome and an attractive young man.  He was extremely charming and irresistible.  He was a perfect gentleman whom Allah had honoured with His love, grace and protection.  He was held in high esteem in the house of his master.  As the time passed the lady of the house put him in an awkward position.  She fell in love with him.  She could hardly shake him out of her mind.  One day in the absence of her husband she approached him and desired to be very close to him.  The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) refrained from even casting a glance at her.  He tried to get rid of her but she chased him.  She grabbed hard at the back of his shirt and it was torn apart.  Just at that time the master appeared on the scene.  He saw what was going on, He flew into a rage.  The master’s wife was embarrassed beyond all limits.  She cried out after absolute frustration in her evil designs and levelled false accusations against Yusuf, the innocent.  The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) clarified his position with the moral support of one of the maid-servants who bore witness by saying: Look at the shirt.   If it is torn at the back, the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) will be quite innocent.  He should not be blamed.  In case it is rent from the front the accused will be one of the liars.  When the shirt was examined it was torn at the back and the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was found truthful.  The master was fully convinced of the innocence of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him).  He appealed to him to keep the matter in secret lest it should become a scandal.  Moreover he admonished his wife to beg pardon of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him).

Banquet is Arranged:
Many people got wind of this incident.  They starred to talk about the master’s wife who had been deeply affected with the love of her slave.  She wished to seduce him.   The whole town kept on talking maliciously about her.

When the master’s wife heard about it, she made a special plan.  She wished to show the people that it was very hard to resist the charm of Prophet Yusuf(peace be upon him) and his lovely youth.  She arranged a grand banquet and invited most of the women in the town.  They were talking and enjoying themselves.  The most delicious food and fruit were served before the guests.  The master’s wife gave a sharp knife to every lady to peel off the fruit.  When the ladies were busy with using the knives, the  master’s wife asked the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) to enter the room.  As the door opened with a squeak, there prevailed a pen-drop silence for a few second and the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) stood calmly.  The ladies looked at him constantly and got stunned at his beauty.  He was so attractive that many of them were taken by a great surprise.  They forgot that they were using the knives.  They cut their fingers in utter amazement.  The Holy Qur’an says:

“When they saw him, they exalted him? and (in their amazement) cut their hands exclaiming: Remote is Allah from imperfection.  This is not a mortal but is a noble angel.  She said: It is he about whom you blamed me Certainly I wished him to yield to my desires but he stood firm.” (12:31,3?)

The Prophet Yusuf in the Prison:
The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) found himself in a great trouble.  As the time passed by, the Problems became more complicated.  The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) prayed to Almighty Allah to grant him protection from those ladies.  He wished to be in prison rather than being indecent.  He desired to escape from the temptations of sexual instinct.  The Holy Qur’an says:

“He said: MY Lord! I Prefer the Prison to compliance with their bidding: and if you turn not away their snares from me, I may perchance yearn towards them (out of youthful folly) and become one of the unwise.” (7: 33)

Allah accepted his prayer to shield him from evil temptations.  The elite of the town noticed that their females were becoming ardent lovers of the Prophet Yusuf (peace   be upon him).  Although they knew that he had committed no crime yet they decided to imprison the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) to avoid disturbance in their society.  He remained in the prison for several years and developed friendly relations with many prisoners.  There he preached the religion of Allah and tried to reform the prisoners who were greatly impressed by his personality.  One day two prisoners saw strange dreams.  They came to the Prophet Yusuf(peace be upon him) for asking the Interpretations of those dreams.  One of them said: I saw in a dream that I was pressing wine.  The other prisoner said: I saw in my dream that I was carrying a basket of bread on my head and the birds were eating from it.  The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) asked them to wait until lunch time so that they might become anxious and listen to him attentively.  At the appointed time the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) said: The one who was pressing wine, will be set at liberty and he will serve wine to his master.  The other will be crucified for the crime, he had committed. The Holy Qur’an affirms:

“O’ my two fellow prisoners! As for one of you he shall Pour out wine for his lord to drink and as for the other, he shall be executed and the birds shall eat from off his head.  The matter is decreed concerning which you inquired.” (11:40)

Soon after the interpretations of those dreams turned out to be true.  When the first man was about to leave the prison, the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) asked to remember him to the master.  He did so as a self-respecting man without adopting a supplicative attitude.  The man who found deliverance forgot mentioning all about the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) to his lord.  So he had to linger in the prison for a few more years.  He continued praying and teaching goodness in the prison.   One day, the king of Egypt dreamt that seven fat cows were eaten by seven thin cows and he also saw seven preen ears of corn and seven others that withered.  The king wished to know the interpretation of that strange dream.  Every one was puzzled because no one could really say what it meant.  Some of them thought that it was a passing dream.  The ex-prisoner informed the king about the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) who was well versed in the art of explaining the dreams accurately.  The king became quite curious and sent the man to see the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) in the prison.  The man rushed towards him and tendered an apology for not speaking to the master about him.  Then he asked him about the fantastic dream of the king.   The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) said: You will sow for seven years diligently.  There will be seven years of rich harvest in the country.  It is better to store as much of the food stuff as possible because there will be a famine lasting for seven years.  During this period of hardships the preserved stores of grain shall be consumed except a little quantity.  Afterwards there will be a year in which the people shall have heavy rains and bumper crops.  They shall press grapes.

The Prophet Yusuf’s Innocence is Established:
The man sought permission of leave from the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) and proceeded towards the king.  He told him the interpretation of his dream in the presence of many courtiers.  They were much surprised.  The king was greatly impressed and expressed a keen desire to see him in person.  He issued an immediate order to release the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) from the prison but he refused to leave it until he had his innocence established beyond all doubts.  He told the king about the cruelty and injustice inflicted upon him without any fault.  He wished to clear the blot of crime on his fair name.  The king summoned the women who put the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) to inconvenience.  They all confessed that he was quite innocent.  The Holy Qur’an affirms: “They (women) said: Allah Blameless! We knew of no evil on his part.  Thereupon the Chief’s wife said:   Now the truth has become established.  I asked of him an evil act and he is surely of the truthful.” (7: 50)

The Prophet Yusuf as Director of Stores:
The king was much impressed with his nobility and intelligence.  He therefore, offered him an important position in the Government.  He was appointed as the Director of Stores.  The Holy Qur’an says:

“He (the king) said: Surely from this day you shall be with us invested with rank and trust.  Then he (Yusuf) said: Set me over the store houses of the land.   Surely I am a skilled custodian (knowing well my duties).  (1:54, 55)

The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) worked efficiently and managed the affairs.   he won a good name as an officer and became powerful in the land.

The Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him)was awfully unhappy.  He missed the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) very much.  He was assured by Almighty Allah that he would see his son again.  The brothers of the Prophet Yusuf(peace be upon him) grew in age and kept remembering the mischievous trick which they had played upon him.  It was highly shameful act.  Now Palestine was also in the grip of dreadful famine.   There was an acute dearth of food.  The family of the Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) was passing through the most straitened circumstances.  They heard that Egyptians had huge stock of food stuff.  They sold it at reasonable rates.  The sons of the Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) prepared a caravan and went to Egypt to purchase grain.

The Prophet Yusuf’s Brothers go to Egypt and buy Food Conditionally:
When they reached Egypt the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) recognised his brothers immediately and his heart was beating violently.  He did not remind them of the cruelty inflicted upon him.  He did not disclose his identity.  He showed kindness to them and furnished them with provision at a very fair price.  They felt highly obliged because of his noble behaviour.  Before their departure the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) said: If you come back, bring with you a younger brother of yours from your father’s side.  If my request is not complied with, I shall sell you no more grain.

They came back home after a tiresome journey.  They told their father that the custodian of the food stores in Egypt had expressed a keen desire to see their younger brother.  On hearing this the Prophet Ya’qub’s face became tense and worried.   He did not like the same thing happen to his other son.  He hesitated to allow Yusuf’s brother to accompany them.  Because of his previous bitter experience he could not trust them.  They in the long run  convinced him after giving him a firm covenant in Allah’s name that they would bring back the brother of Yusuf.  When they opened the sacks of grain and were much surprised to find their money in it.

After many weeks their second caravan reached Egypt and went directly to the main store-house.  The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) greeted them with open arms.   Every one was much pleased.  There was a lot of hustle and bustle.  The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) took his younger brother aside and told him that he was Yusuf who was thrown into the well.  His brother was much surprised and his joy knew no bounds.  The Holy Qur’an says:

“And when they came into Yusuf’s presence, he took his own brother aside with him saying: LO I am your brother.  Therefore grieve not at what they do.” (7:69)

Younger Brother is Detained:
The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) had certain plans in his mind.  He furnished them with their provisions and asked one of his servants to put a drinking cup in their bag.  As the caravan was about to depart, some one shouted! The king’s silver drinking cup is missing.  Every one got puzzled.  The brother of the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) said: We are not thieves and we have not come here to make mischief.  One of the Egyptians said: He who is found guilty, shall be detained here as penalty.  All of them agreed upon the awarding of this punishment.  They began to search out the sacks of the customers.  They found the missing drinking cup in the sack of the younger brother of the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him).  It followed a great deal of excitement.  The brothers tried very hard to convince the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) not to detain their brother but he flatly refused.   He asked them not to back out of their promise.  They became upset.   Their eldest brother decided not to go back to the Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) again and face him with heart breaking news.  He stayed there and sent back his other brothers to inform the care-worn father of the whole situation.  They went back and conveyed the most shocking news to their father.  He displayed unshakeable patience and said:

“So patience is most fitting for me.  May Allah restore them all to me.   Surely, He is the Knowing, the Wise.” (12: 83)

Any how he directed his sons to go and seek tidings of the Prophet Yusuf(peace be upon him) and his younger brother for whom he used to yearn day and night.  They went to Egypt again after a few weeks.  This time they had scanty money.  They requested the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) to help them in charity.  They were dressed in rags.  They looked pathetic due to poverty.  The Holy Qur’an states:

“And when they came back into the presence of Yusuf, they said: O’ chief! Misfortune has afflicted us and our family and we have brought a small amount, so give us full measure and be charitable to us; Surely  Allah will requite charitable.” (12: 88)

The Prophet Yusuf Helps his Brothers and Discloses his Identity:
The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was well known for his generosity.  He had a tender and sympathetic heart.  He took pity on them.  He helped them from the core of his heart.  They had also sinking feelings inside.  Soon after he disclosed his identity to his brothers.  The Holy Qur’an affirms:

“He (Yusuf) said: I am Yusuf and this is my brother.  Allah has shown us favour.  Surely who fears Allah and endures, is rewarded for surely Allah does not waste the reward of those who do good.” (12:90)

Now every one wished to go immediately to their father to inform him of the happy news that the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was alive.  At the time of departure the Prophet Yusuf(peace be upon him) gave them his shirt and said:

“Cast it on my father’s face and he will recover his sight and come to me with all your family.” (12: 93)

The brothers came home with happy spirit.  They put the shirt of the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) on the face of the Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him).  He regained his eye sight in the twinkling of an eye.  He took a sigh of relief when he smelt the sweet perfume of the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) from his shirt.  The brothers of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) begged pardon of their father and he forgave them with an open heart.

The Prophet Ya’qub Meets the Prophet Yusuf:
They decided to settle in Egypt.  They took their bag and baggage and set out on a long journey.  They were given a warm reception when they reached Egypt.  The father, Ya’qub, met his son Yusuf after a long separation.  He said:

“O’ my father! This is the interpretation of my old vision.   My Lord has indeed made it to be true and He has shown me kindness.  When He brought me forth from prison and brought you all from the desert even after Satan has sown (seeds of) dissension between me and my brothers.  Surely my Lord is tender to whom He wills.  Surely He is the Knowing, the Wise.  O’ my Lord! You have indeed given me (something) of the sovereignty and taught me of the interpretation of dreams–Creator of the heavens and the earth! You are my Protecting friend in this world and the Hereafter.  Make me die submissive (unto You) and join me with the righteous”.  (12: 100, 101)

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